India’s largest online best bicycle shop in Gurgaon

Which Cycle is the best for cycling in India?
July 2, 2022

India’s largest online best bicycle shop in Gurgaon

Are you looking for a bike but have no idea which one to choose and whom to ask?

Relax! Road riders are here to your rescue. Whatever bike related queries you have, our bike specialists are here to help you.

From different bikes to all the gears you will need, everything is just one click away. We provide the best suitable bikes according to your need and help you with the accessories.

We have what you need:-

Every bicycle has a different purpose and is suitable for different riders. We will help you choose the most suitable option for you. Being the best bicycle shop in Gurgaon we provide a variety of options, and they are:-

  1. Mountain bikes: Mountain bikes or MTB are built for any terrain. If you are someone who is looking for some adventure then this might be a good option for you. You can ride your MTBs on off-road tracks, up and down the hill and on gravel.
  2. Road bicycles: You can also call them racing bicycles. It is built for someone who likes speed.
  3. Hybrid bicycles: These cycles are basically for someone who is confused between a mountain bike and a road bicycle. It has the features of both bicycles.
  4. Indoor cycles: We know that not everyone is sporty but they need some or the other way to stay fit. That’s why we have indoor cycles as well for people who love staying at home.


A bicycle isn’t the only thing you need as of course, you need some gears that go with it. If you are looking for a bicycle shop in Gurgaon that can provide you with all the related gear, we can fulfil all your needs. And if you don’t belong to Gurgaon, our online shop will take care of all your needs.

Now the gears we provide for your bikes are:

  1. Helmets: Your safety means everything to us and that is why we provide a large variety of helmets that will match your aesthetic.
  2. Lights: now some bikers aren’t just sporty but night owls too. For them, we provide attachable lights for their nighttime rides. Along with some safety lights that not only provide safety but give your bike a unique touch.
  3. Water bottles: It’s normal to get dehydrated after a long ride, but if you are not the kind of person who carries a bag around it can get frustrating. Chill, we got you covered, we provide attachable bottles that fit in your bike so that you don’t have to carry extra luggage with you.
  4. Dark glasses: Riding in the sunlight can be great torture for your eyes, that’s why we provide cycling sunglasses. These glasses provide you UV-UVA and UVB protection.
  5. Gloves: Did you know gloves aren’t only meant to keep your hands warm but do other things too? Well, when you ride a bike for a long time your hands start to get sweaty and this affects your grip. We provide cycling gloves that provide a good grip for your long rides.

Bike care and maintenance

We have a bike and some accessories now what? Well, everything needs maintenance, even your bicycle. You can’t always rely on others for help, and bike maintenance can be a little pricey. So what can we do about it?

Well, we provide you with some basic tools as well, so that you can maintain your bike at home. These are:-

  1. Pumps: Minor air issues can be fixed by an air pump and you can fill the air in your tires at home. We provide both manual and automatic air pumps.
  2. Bike cleaning liquid: Your bike needs some cleaning tool for smooth rides. We provide a wide range of cleaning liquids suitable for your bikes.

These liquids can be used on any part and give your bike a delicate finish.

  1. Chain lubes: The chains of your bike need some lubricant too. After many rides, your chain starts to get a little rusty and doesn’t give a smooth feel like it used to. This is the situation where you should look for a good lubricant solution for your chains.
  2. Grease: Parts such as hubs, headset and bottom bracket require some greasing. We can help you choose the right grease for seamless bike rides.


We provide the right kind of attire for your rides. We provide outfits that are comfortable for riding a bike and have a sporty look that matches your aesthetic. They are:-

  1. Cycling shoes: Now this might confuse a lot of people but yes cycling does require different shoes. These shoes are made specifically for cycling and they provide good grip and are comfortable for long rides.
  2. Cycling shorts: These shorts are specially designed to give you a comfortable feeling during the ride. They stick to your lower body and give your legs a free movement so that the only thing you focus upon is cycling and nothing else.

Bike care and maintenance

Our duty is not only to give you the product but help you maintain it as well. Our lines are always open for any assistance you require. And if you are from Gurgaon and are looking for a bicycle shop near me, let us be at your service. Be sure to get in touch with the RoadRider team to get more knowledge about the products that we have on offer.

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